Sunday, January 27, 2013

Story Time- Part 1

This morning, I was reminded of a great story I heard somewhere... church I think... so I decided to take the basic skeleton of the story(it was a very very short story) and draw it out a little and make it a sort of parable if you will.... I hope you enjoy it.... I'm really working on starting to write more... so this was an exciting project for a Sunday morning:)

There was once a little girl, who her father loved to the stars and back. One day, they went to the store and something caught the little girl's eye. She excitedly ran over to a display of beautiful plastic necklaces. She wanted one so badly, so she begged and begged her father and gave him a list of reasons why she should be the owner of one of those necklaces.... "They're the most beautifulist I've ever seen!!!" she exclaimed. When she asked her father, he said a simple, "No."

He grabbed her hand to leave, but she fought and fought him-restating all of the reasons she not only wanted, but NEEDED this necklace. She rattled off all of the good things she'd done that week and landed on, "I deserve this necklace, Daddy!!" He put a loving hand on her shoulder and stooped down, looking her straight in the eyes and said, "My beautiful daughter, you cannot have this necklace right now. Let's go home..."

He grabbed her hand, but she resisted. He held her firmly, but she threw herself on the ground. He gracefully swooped his sobbing daughter into his arms as she flailed and cried. After much struggle, he got her home and calmed her down.

That night, as the family sat down to dinner, the little girl told her mom all about this amazingly beautiful plastic necklace from the store. The mother smiled and shared her excitement, looking at the father with a confused expression, which asked, "Why didn't you get it for her...". His expression dropped- if only they knew his plans.

Weeks passed and the sweet girl's fascination with the beautiful plastic necklace passed.

One morning, the little girl bounced down to breakfast to find a small box with her name on it at her place setting. Her father hid behind the corner, as not to distract from the moment. She eyed the box and looked suspiciously around. She came to the box and felt the smooth blue velvet case under her fingers. it make her heart melt and leap with excitement all at the same time. She slowly opened the box- unsure of what to expect- secretly hoping it was the beautiful plastic necklace she still had dreams about. She opened it and sat stunned, in complete disbelief, and looked around to see if this was some kind of a joke.

At that moment, her father came from behind the corner and wrapped his arms around her tightly from behind. Her eyes filled with tears. He grabbed the stunning, perfect, shiny, and even more beautiful pearl necklace from it's velvety home and put the necklace around her neck. He spun her around to see it on her for the first time, and as he did, his eyes filled with tears. After a moment, he knelt down to his daughter. He looked her in the eyes and said, "My beloved daughter, I saw your desire for your plastic necklace, but I already had plans far greater for you. I had already planned to give you this beautiful pearl necklace- when it was time. It is worth much more than the plastic necklace. I love you, my beautiful girl. I'm sorry if I hurt you by saying no, but even though you had no idea, my yes was of far greater value than my 'no'. I love you." Then he kissed her on the forehead.

Ps- I'd love your comments/ critiques... I'm thinking of extending the story a bit more and putting more detail...

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  1. I've heard this story before and I love the imagery. I'd love to read your ideas for a Part 2. Erin=)