Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Ramblings of a Night Shift Worker

I've been meaning to post, really I have. I honestly dont know if what I'm writing will make much sense to me later on today when I awake from the slumber which I'm hoping will be sweet, unlike the restless mayhem I was in last night.

The past few days have been a whirlwind filled with unexpected surprises. Yesterday at Cheshire, we got out of the cars and realized something wasn't quite right. My nose was burning but I thought it was just my nose being weird. Then the girls I was with were saying their noses were seriously hurting them. That's when I realized mine was more than just dry- rather it was burning... completly burning and in a lot of pain, when my eyes started burning. We went to greet the other car in hopes whatever was aggravating us would be better in a spot further from where we entered. It was worse. All of us were in a lot of pain and just plain confused. We started asking what was going on when one of the Aunties said 'tear gas'. I was in a bit of a panic once I heard this- trying to figure out what we needed to do to escape the gas, when a 7 year old- one of my favorite sweeties from Cheshire runs up to me with his nose under his shirt and buries his head into my belly- I welcome this to offer him some refuge from the pain. Soon, we go insde and I flurry around trying to close the windows. Thank God it diffused quickly. It turns out there was a misunderstanding at the football match at a stadium very close to the home, and tear gas was used. Funny how you never really think about how those things affect the people around.

The goodbyes have started... I said bye to my patients- only to find out that many of them are actually still on board- I'm hoping to get down to say a real goodbye, but my sweet 4 month old Ali is gone... no more cuddle time with my sweet boy. I'll have a whole different kind of cuddle time on December 22nd though- when I see Jordan again for the first time in about a year... CRAZY how time flys but crawls at the same time.

My day worker's last day of work is today and we will say our goodbyes tomorrow. Tears are certain. If not in public, in private- especially after only 4 hours of sleep.

Night shift has consisted of water colors and small projects all week... not sure what tomorrow will be... maybe making ornaments... that could be good.

My mom sent the world's best package to me yesterday and it was the surprise I truly needed to lift my spirits... so blessed to have such a great mom who sends coffee when I asked for meds;)

That is all for now... more later...

<3 M

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