Sunday, October 16, 2011

Your Turnn!!

So- I KNOW a bunch of people look at my blog.... I'm once again at the point where I want to know what YOU want to read about. Do you want to know things about my life on the ship? Africa?

Some of you might be reading but have never met me- do you want my story(I've been thinking of doing that but want to know if people are interested), do you want to know what I want to do with my life/what I aspire to do? Do you want to know about interests of mine?

These things could have all or nothing to do about where I am right now... I just want to write something that you want to see....

now, please...don't let me down this time. Normally, when I post this on fbook or something, I get 0 responses... IF YOU ARE READING THIS... please post a question on my comments;) Please????

K. Thanks...

Ps- 9.5 weeks until I touch down on US soil for my month vacation!! Yehaw!!:)


  1. This is a bit more of a technical question, but how does Mercy Ships partner with local physicians (especially local health systems) to do follow-up care and health promotion/prevention?

    Also, how long do you foresee yourself working with Mercy Ships?

    Keep up the good work! I do enjoy reading your updates.

  2. Good questions, Matthew!

    I like hearing stories about the patients and how support from the Mercy Ships help give them new opportunities in life.

    I'm enjoying your writings on your experiences.