Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strange Connections

One of my favorite down-time activities on the ship, well really in life in general, is watching tv shows. I love good tv shows- especially those that have great character development. Unfortunately, I've learned most of the shows(though certainly not all) that deserve a good long run, get cut short at the beginning of their greatness. For example: Dead Like Me(cancelled after 2 seasons, made mini-movie, which didn't do it justice), Pushing Daisies(got some kind of warning but were on the wrong network for their type of show, and crammed all you need to know into the last episode), and most of all Firefly(1 season, they aired them out of order and in competition with 2 other shows, made the movie Serenity, which was fantastic, but deserved a full run).
While watching all of these lovely shows, I've noticed strange connections between all of them... let's see if you follow...

Let's start at the top where all of the connections started in my head. My friend Annie first got me into Firefly because Joss Whedon is the creator, who also happened to be the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I was watching while i was home. Let's go from there...
Firefly has an actress, Summer Glau, whose character name was indeed Summer and is very disturbed. She played a character in the show The 4400(very cool- check it out) named Tess, who was a paranoid schizophrenic and receives an ability of persuasion.... interesting combination to say the least...

Now for all of the 4400 connections I've found...
Joel Gretsch played a leading agent in The 4400 named Tom Baldwin, but also made a guest appearance on the show NCIS(Naval Criminal Investigative Services for any of you who dont know..).
Then, there is an actress whose name is Megalyn Echikunwoke, whose character is named Isabel Tyler. Megalyn is also a leading actress in the first season of 24 as Senator Palmers daughter, Nicole.... we'll get back to 24 in a few minutes...
The last 4400 connection I've found(thus far at least) is that one of their creators, Rene Echevarria also wrote a few episodes for the oh so wonderful show, Castle.

Take a wild guess what show is next.... you got it... Castle....
The wonderful world of a strong female detective who is forced to take on Rick Castle, best-selling mystery writer, as a shadow... so great:)
Well firstly- Nathan Fillion, who is the star of castle, as the one and only Rick Castle, was also the star of Firefly as Captain Malcom 'Mal' Reynolds. Brilliant.
Then comes Nathan's random off-handed comments while playing Rick Castle about wanting to be a space cowboy, or his space cowboy costume that he wore for Halloween one year. As well as his comments about Buffy the Vampire slayer... can I say Joss Whedon plugs? ;)
Castle has also said something along the lines of, "oh... that's so Jack Bauer of you..."

Bringing us to our next show.... 24
24 season 2 contains 2 lovely actresses, Laura Harris and Sarah Wynter, who play sisters. Funny story... Laura Harris plays the oh so fabulous Daisy Adaire in Dead Like Me. Now for the kicker... She was unable to film the 'Dead Like Me:Life After Death" movie, so Sarah Wynter was signed on to take over as Daisy... and, with all honesty, did a pretty poor job. I think if she had made the character her own, it would've been fine- maybe even great, but she tried too hard to be Laura, which bit her in the behind. Funny how 8 years after 24, Sarah was asked to be Laura's replacement. Sure they can pass as sisters, they actually make great sisters, but replacements? Not so much. 24 did redeem my faith in Sarah, though.
Sarah Wynter on the top left, and Laura Harris on the bottom.

24 also contains an Agent Baker, who happens to be Daniel Dae Kim....who is none other than Jin from lost!!!! How cool is that?

Now our Lost references will launch us into the world of NCIS...
Lost's John Locke, aka Terry O'Quinn, made a guest apperance in NCIS, as did Lost's Sawyer, aka Josh Holloway.
Last but not least, the final connection. NCIS' Pauley Perette, known as Abby, the forensic specialist, was also on 24 for one episode as a woman trying to help Terry Bauer get away.

I hope you found all of this 1/2 as interesting as I did... :) for any of you who got through that... I owe you a cupcake;)

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