Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas in July Fundraiser

As many of you know, I'm coming home in December. Yes- it is official. However, I do need a bit of help getting home. I'd like you all to think for a minute. It will cost me about $1800 to get home(great price right? Thank goodness for travel agencies for humanitarians). That means that if 150 people send me $12, 100 people send me $18, or 50 people send me $36, I will be able to afford the trip home with no problem. I'll be home just in time for Christmas, which is such a great blessing for me. I'm already looking forward to having some time back at home.

I know many of you are on tight budgets yourselves, but just think for a minute. If 150 of you give up a fancy coffee or a fast food meal out a time or two, that'd be enough to get me home. If 100 of you gave up a nice meal out or a night on the town just once, that'd be enough. If 50 of you gave up a few fancy coffees or a few nice meals out, that'd be enough.

I wish I could promise everyone who gives time with me, or a fancy dinner party, but I honestly would feel bad promising that, since I know it probably wouldn't happen. But I know one thing, the people who give anything at all to help me get home, will forever be in my heart. This vacation home will mean the world to me.

As I said before, I will most likely get home either way, but I'd love if you all join me in this. Yes, I have some savings, but I need to keep those my savings in case something comes up and for when I come home- I have pretty much nothing to come home to, so those savings will be vital to my independence when I arrive home for good in a couple of years.

I am so looking forward to all of the comforts of home, resting up and recharging, as well as getting to see many of you. So, please, help make this trip a joy instead of a burden on me and my family. And to those who give- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!:)

To donate, you can either send a check to:
Michelle Cristion
Mercy Ships via Crew Mail
Po Box 2020
Lindale, TX

To my house where my parents will take put it in my bank account(cash or check):
John and Connie Cristion
5796 Alderleaf Pl
Columbia, MD 21045

The online option isn't the best, but if you want information on how to give online, send me a message.

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