Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patient Life

For those attempting to keep up with me on this wonderful journey, I'm sorry. I've been terrible about keeping you posted over the last few weeks. I've had every intention of keeping you updated and upto speed, but alas, almost every moment I've had free has been spend down on the ward, with friends, or alone just simply relaxing(which has slowly turned into being plain ol' lazy).

I'll write a little something quickly to keep you all reading;)

I started a 'minor' job last week and I"m already in love with it. I've been given the opportunity to go to the ward weekly to lead an activity of any sort to get the patients doing something that will entertain them. The last 2 times, I've done games. It's really a blast. It's a 'minor' job because it's only an hour a week, but I am so wishing it was a full-time job. Honestly, in comparison my full-time job is quite bleak. I've gotten into a bit of a rut with it again- especially now that we're down to a team of 4 once again, but I"m really hoping it'll feel better soon. It's not the people, it's not the work itself, I think it's just simply the fact that my heart isn't in it and that it is just more physically demanding than my body can take some weeks. But, that's the hand I've been dealt, so I better deal with it, right?:)

I'm absolutely loving this one hour a week I get to go down and just play and play. I can do this on my down time, but this one time a week, I'm able to take games from the patient life closet and have so many resources to the ward that everyone can play a game. They love it. I walk in and they see my box and they just scream with delight. After a long day at work, honestly, it's refreshing to come down and just hang out with the patients- the reason we're here. It's a great reminder why I"m here. I"m not here just to make good food, I"m not here for me, I'm not here to have fun- I'm here for the patients.

Seeing the way the patients cope after surgery, how they interact, hearing some of their stories, seeing the nurses at work, seeing crew playing, is just amazing. I love every minute of it and wouldn't trade my time down there for anything. :)

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