Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick update for those following.

Surgery is over and I am now recovering. Everything went really well- they actually did more than they had planned, but we're hoping that will help even more. I was doing well until Monday when they took my stints out. It felt like they were pulling my brain through my nose, but I'm sure you dont want all of the details;) It triggered a migraine since it was technically a serious trauma, so it was not a good day for me at all. Pretty awful. Yesterday I spent the day recovering from that and slowly starting to eat food again. Today I'm trying just tylenol instead of percocet, which i'm rooting for so I dont feel dizzy anymore..

Anyway, I'm officially having a grilled cheese and co fundraiser for my trip- look for the event on facebook! It'll be December 16th from 11am- 9pm and all you need is this flyer that says you're there for the fundraiser. Such great food and an overall great time:) Go!!

That's it for now, off to relax a bit more.

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