Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Brief Update...

Hello loyal readers,

I just wanted to shoot out a quick update with how things are going for my trip and preparations for January.

So far, the fundraising is going really great. We're at about 3/4 of our goal, but we're finding it tough to make that final push. I'm recommending at this point that people send me money directly, unless the tax exemption is something they'd like to partake in, or unless they want to do a monthly pledge. I'm saying this because then I can put the money where I need it to go, instead of having to request funds,etc. But, if it's easier online- by all means. :)

Right now, I'm taking a few classes at Howard Community College- Intro to Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastries, Adolescent Psychology, and Medial Ethics. Everything is going well- Baking by far takes the cake(no pun intended), but will sadly be over in October. Work(aka babysitting) really picked up in the last few weeks, but has come to a screeching hault this week. It's probably better for this week so that I can relax and bounce back from the cold that took me over on this past Saturday, but alas, it's a little tough to not be bringing in as much money as I was.

This coming Saturday(the 9th) I'll be having a YARD SALE!! So any of you who are yard sale lovers- shoot me a message and I'll tell you where it's going to be. It's going to be my "moving to africa- everything must go' sale. I have a LOT to get done before that, as there are mannny things I never even thought to put up for sale, but I'll hopefully be using some of the days that I have free to work on that. It's been a difficult task deciding what to keep and what to give up, but I think it's been good for me- realizing what things actually hold value and what things are just merely things. I learned that the most precious things to me are certainly things I've written in the past, pictures, programs, etc. But hopefully I'm not keeping more than I need. I'll need to get myself a small storage unit somewhere/find someone to hold on to my treasures while I'm gone.

Other than that, there's not much going on. I'm starting to get nervous about leaving, but nothing has really hit me yet. It shall be interesting.

Anyway. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. As the trip gets closer, Satan sure does like to throw things at me to discourage the pants off of any plans I had.

I love you all and hope at least someone is still reading this:)


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