Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hail, Hail, Lion of Judah

I recieved this from one of the dearest people to me on the ship- please take a minute to read it and please keep this young girl, the family, and all of the people on board right now in prayer!

A quick update from a nursing perspective: We've had 3 patients die - 2 of them babies and then last week a patient had a cardiac arrest in the eye room of all places - nothing like that EVER happens in eyes, apart from the week before when a patient had a seizure! A number of patients with weird inexplicable problems affecting their healing and some real sad cases which we just can't help at all.

If you feel at all led to pray for these people, please pray for Lovelace, a little girl from Ghana with the most freaky looking tumours I've ever seen, she looks like an alien.(you may have heard about her from your mum). She was here for ages whilst surgeons deliberated about whether or not they could actually operate on her. Biopsies of the tumours were sent to the USA to see if they are malignant. The biopsies went missing somewhere in transit. In the mean time, it was decided that we couldn't operate here as the type of surgery required was so specialized. Lovelace's father (who was here with her) decided he wanted to take them home so discharged her. There was no point in waiting around anymore anyway, even if the biopsies did show up. One of the tumours is growing into Lovelace's mouth and airway. She is so skinny - you know how that one goes. Let's raise up a prayer covering for her for all that God wants to accomplish in her life.

I'll give a me update soon, but first- finals take over. Keep me in your prayers as well if you could.

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