Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rosa, oh Rosa...

So, I wanted to figure out a place to write this down and keep track, so alas, I figured why not my blog? I wanted to keep track of all of the fun things I've made/baked/ whatever as I'm trying to explore the culinary world a bit more.

Things I've Mastered/ am close enough and count it:
Mac and cheese(from SCRATCH) 3 cheeses, and AMAZING- ask anyone who has had it!!
Lasagne- soooo goood(mom helped)

Now, in this list I am NOT including the things that I already have down pat- chicken, spaghetti, etc. These are new explorations:)

Anyway... I'm excited to get baking my first cake for someone. If you're interested in having me bake something great for a small price(considering it's quality)- hit me up. I just want to know at least a week ahead of time so I can prepare and find time:)

Anyway- I"m off to drink tea, have m&ms and watch Dead Like Me(wonnderful show). And I'm telling you because I knooow you're dying to know. More on other life happenings later

Oh and check this out-
I love it- try out a few songs- they're all very different.

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